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A List for a Wednesday

A List for a Wednesday


- Do you love podcasts as much as I do?  Well, Kat and I pulled together our top 20 Podcasts for Creatives.  My current favourite is Being Boss. 

- After the success of the start of the Making it Work series, I have also opened a Facebook group for designers and designer/makers working in crochet and knitting.  You can join here. Just love crochet?  Crochet Camp on Facebook has over 7,000 members, so join here.

- Are you looking for something to make?  I love Sandra from Cherry Heart's Quite Quaint blanket and I am NOT a blanket/motif/flower person, but the Orla Kiely vibe could convert me. 

- Have you caught up with Nina Nixon recently (formerly from the blog Tabiboo)? I love her photos and her new home on the web is just gorgeous. 

- In my never ending quest to eat all the pies, I think this Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie from Smitten Kitchen is next on my list. 

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