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16 Weeks and A Knit

Our little pudding is 16 weeks old!  FOUR MONTHS!  How did that happen?  She's going to be leaving for collage soon...It has more than flown by, but then it seems like she's always been here.


And so, our 16 week round up:


- Rolling. Particularly at inappropriate moments, like when trying to sleep. She then sees me at night and wants to have deep and meaningful conversations (these actions MAY have resulted in a threat to send her to an Antarctic research station).

- Her bath and swimming.

- Sitting and standing.

- Her brother. When she can focus on the moving blur that is Ellis Sol, she is all smiles and coos for her big brother. She even tolerates his irritating scratching



- Her mother eating dairy, soy and possibly beef.

- Being left whilst other people clean, cook, go to the loo, talk, sleep or any other non-baby activity

- Cars.


And her jumper: its the owlet pattern sized 6 months in Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran. The colour is a grey/purple, but I think its been discontinued as it was in the John Lewis sale. I didn't add the buttons for eyes, as I couldn't face sewing them all on and then inevitably re-sewing them. Next time, I would also add a bit of length to the body of the knit as we are all quite long waisted people and its going to get short before she fills it in. Otherwise, a fantastic, easy knit.

Ellis thinks it tastes good too.


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