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Simple Pleasure Wednesday - Ellis

No one revels in the simple things like small boys.  Here are some of Ellis'simple pleasures:

- Watching trains.  Anytime, anywhere, no matter how many times, a train's passing is met with , "Ooooohh! Wow!"

- Playing with cats.  Ellis is not on their simple pleasure list.

- Tickling anything that will stand still long enough, mama, dada, his trains, yarn at the yarn shop

- Juice

Cooking everything (where possible) from scratch.  There is something about taking a bit of this and a bit of that and making something my family loves.  In this case, broccoli soup and cheese biscuits (American biscuits, like scones). 


The smell of poster paint.  Which is a good thing, as Ellis paints everyday.


- Walking.  We don't drive and I find it imensl pleasurable to know taht its my energy that gets us from A to B.

- Learning a new skill. Now don't fall down in shock, but I am learning to knit. Some of you may have heard my "knitting makes me want to impale myself" rant, which I pull out frequently.  It turns out its purling that makes me feel that way and you can now get circular needles that mean you don't have to purl.    I have been doing an OK job (even with the purl), but Rug the cat is still not that impressed.

Boys sleeping.  Sleep is an aerobic activity around here. It involves sweat, kicking, sometimes even yelling..but they sure are cute!

In case you haven't seen it, check out the Artful Parent.  She has a great post about 31 activities for young children.  All throughout March she is doing something everyday with her wee girl.  Great idea!

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