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Cough, Hack, Splutter

Just a quick word (at 3 in the morning, while Ellis screams upstairs, very unhappy about something, Dada looking after him) to say that I was right to be suspicious about my cough on Monday. I’ve spent the last 3 days in bed with 40 deg C (104 deg F) fevers, chills, sinus, nausea, aches and pains. How awful! I haven’t been that sick in years and while I feel 200 times better, I still feel pretty awful.i had plans for this week, all gone. So much for a clean house for my future sister in law who is coming to stay with my brother in law tonight. So much for visiting my friend in hospital. Sigh...I am hoping to start next week afresh with only one expectation, that it can’t be any more eventful than the last 2. .

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