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Sickness and Pestilence

I was right. Ellis is sick. He has one of those unnamed viruses that do the rounds this time of year. He has spent most of the day either terribly upset or just listless. I had to try and excite him about choo choos. Not good. The GP has indicated the wee man should not be at nursery this week. At one point today, Ellis cried inconsolably for an hour and when he would finally let me pick him up he had a puddle of snot in his hair, on his face and on the floor. Yes, I gagged as well.

Anyway, in the stupor of todays malaise, I turned on TV for the first time since I got back. All I can say is that I have missed nothing. There is one show where a person with dwarfism locked in a house with a bunch of other minor celebrities and another that has models dissecting fetal pigs. I am glad to see that TV is continuing to dig deep into the realities of MY day to day life. So for reality TV, how’s this for a pitch: 30 something mother of one and her struggle with the house cleaning. Her every attempt is thwarted by the clever antics of her completely disorganised husband and adorable, yet mischievous son. Lets face it, we have everything: interesting neighbours, a “best friend”, tragedy, comedy, gross out scenes, boobs...its a hit in the making. Though we may be too middle income. Brits like their TV characters poor, so they can look down on them. Americans like them rich so they can look up to them. Its true. I remember reading an article about American soap operas. I think Australia could be the market, though I don’t have a tan... Hmmm....I think maybe I should stick to my day job

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