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A Bit of Nepotistic PR

Mr Harrison has particular talent for scheduling VERY IMPORTANT TASKS on or around our babies due dates.  Last year it was an important funding bid and interviewing new staff, with Ellis it was a rather important trip to Aberdeen that could not be missed at any costs (it was missed, by the way).  

Image by Axel Scheffler
This year takes the cake.

From the 12th of March to the 2nd of May, Artlink Central in partnership with the Park Gallery in Falkirk is running an exhibition of contemporary children's book illustration, curated by Julia Donaldson.

From the brochure:

The exhibition aims to highlight the diverse range of approaches to illustration and focuses on a number of illustrators who have worked with Julia over the years. Featuring original illustrations (by, Axel Scheffler, amongst others) and sketches, ideas and film, the exhibition will provide an insight into the illustrator’s working methods.

I have seen many of the pieces and they are extraordinary.  Did you know that Axel Sheffler draws beautiful illustrations on all of the envelopes he sends people?  They are  astoundingly amazing.  There is one with the Queen on horseback that shouldn't be missed. Oh and Nick Sharratt's work in person is even more bright and colourful and happy in real life than in books. David Roberts illustrations are just sooooo captivating...oh the whole exhibition is really lovely.   

There are a range of events running throughout the 6 weeks, including theatre workshops, talks, storytelling and more.  You can find out more here or Download The Illustrators info.

And yes, Julia Donaldson is speaking on my due date, the 9th of April.  So if you go and see a bearded man wandering around with a glassy stare and possibly a couple of children hanging off of him, please be kind and get him a cup of coffee or say a kind word.  He has a lot on his plate at the minute.  

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