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A Change of Plans

Sunday morning started early with a plan to head over to the Stirling Car Boot Sale for some more car booty.  Our plans were abruptly halted by the opening of the new agricultural market, the closure of the old site (housing the car boot sale) and no clue as to where it had moved.  So, off on our bikes we flew to the nearest pit stop...Stirling's garden centre.

Normally, I loathe garden centres like this one.  Its big, corporate and sells unnecessary and illogical items like walking shoes and golf gear.  However,  it serves the best scones (the no-sugar or white flour rule does not apply to scones on a Sunday) and is in an enviable location with fantastic grounds. 
beautiful scotland

It made me realise that we have fallen into a pattern of busy-ness.  There is always someone else at the house or somewhere to go or one of us has something we need to get done so the other two head out for a few hours.  We haven't just been together in weeks. 

And so we spent the day,


having a chat

and eating


and exploring

reflected coot

and seeing


and wondering


and wandering


and just being together.  And it was good.

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