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A Day Off (ish)

After the busyness of the last few weeks, I promised Kevin I would take Sunday off...

And after a few hours of work in the morning (ahem), we headed off for a walk.

One of the things that still excites me about Scotland is that you can be somewhere amazing in just a few moments in the car.  I can get to the hills in 10 minutes, the sea in an hour and the west coast in 2 hours.  In London, to drive for 2 hours would have got me to Slough (home of the Office).

So yes, a few miles up the road is Rumbling Bridge.  A beautiful gorge with waterfalls and woods and accessible river for stone-throwing.






And importantly, plenty of opportunities for playing with my new camera. 






Though, it wasn't all play.  Attempts were made to get a photo for a magazine article "showing me and my work"

Picnik collage

Yes. They. Are. (a lot of work, that is)

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