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A List for A Wednesday

I've spent the last few days with Kat working on exciting things for the future, and around that it means that we are closing Capturing Childhood. Its sad, but  its time to move on to new things. We are running one last Collect the Moments, so if you ever wanted to take great photos of your family, this course is for you! Starts June 16th.

When I am with Kat, I can guarantee that we will be eating well as she and Mr Kat are phenomenal cooks, sadly I didn't get to taste her new scone recipe, but it looks amazing!

It is always exciting to pick up a magazine and see your work featured.  This month, there is not one but two pieces about Blogtacular in Mollie Makes! So so exciting.

Also in this month's issue is this gorgeous project from Messyla (love her blog as well). I think the beloved blue bicycle needs one, hey?

Talking about crochet colourwork in a rare trip to Pinterest yesterday I stumbled upon Molla Mills work. Awesome beyond measure. She has a book coming out in english later this year (incidentally on the same day as my next book!), and its definitely on my wish list. I also love Claire's tapestry crochet blanket in Inside Crochet. 

Anyone on pippit? I am there as katgoldin. I do love a good app!

I forgot to mention in the change over to the new site that the blog and the feed have moved.  The blog is now and the feed is now If you subscribe via Bloglovin, they have sorted out the move for us, but you may need to update your readers to get the new feed. 

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