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A List For A Wednesday

Have you seen Sarah's series on demystifying the Toe-Up sock?  So so so so good. Now, if only she would make me a pair. ;) 

I have a new favourite blog, Pink Ronnie. I did that thing where you spend ages reading the entire archive and then worry you look like a weirdo on their stats. Yup, that's me!

I really loved these thoughts on turning desire into creativity.  I often think that our very limited income is the main source of my creativity - we can't just buy new things, so we have to make them and think outside the box. 

I've made a decision to stop selling kits. The decision has been a hard one, but when I crunched the numbers it just didn't work out. Get 50% of all in stock kits with the code: kitclosing 

With all of my free time now I am not selling kits, I think I am going to make myself a shawl. I have always loved Joanne Not So Granny's Hilo Shawl and have just the hank of some purply Skein Queen for it. 

Finally, have you seen Jojo from Miss Jojangles' illustrated post on Blogtacular? I have never looked so adorable and never have I loved a review of anything more. Thank you so much!

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