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A List for A Wednesday

A List for A Wednesday

Its been awhile since I did a list on a Wednesday (lets be honest, I rarely know what day it is anyway).  However, there is lots of internetty* goodness to be shared and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

First up, Kat and I have released a new ebook all about going manual with your DSLR.  Its been a few months in the making and was a blast to put together.  You can download it for free here and we have a google+ hangout tonight to get you started. 

It seems like its a good day for a launch and my other internet love Joanne Scrace (aka Not So Granny) has released a gorgeous collection in collaboration with Eden Cottage Yarns.  Its so beautiful and I am so proud.  Joanne talks about the collection here.

For you bloggers, I really loved this piece by Heidi of 101 Cookbooks on maintaining a long-term blog.  Have you seen it?  It really spoke to me. 

Since cancelling my Audible account, I have been more and more into podcasts. In addition to Serial (which is as good as the hype, start listening NOW!), I am also loving Woolful's new podcast, and 99% Invisible all about design. 

You know how I was missing for so long this autumn, well the reasons for it are beginning to come out.  This week, you will find some writing I've done for Mollie Makes, an interview  and cabled cardigan for Simply Crochet, and 2 hot water bottles for Knit Now.  I also know there are some excerpts from Hook, Stitch and Give in #Crochet as well as an interview. 

Ok, I am off to hide from the dreadful weather in front of the fire.

*totally a word



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