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A List for a Wednesday

A List for a Wednesday

- Last week, we saw one of the best gigs we've ever seen. It was the kick off to "I'm With Her" a group made up of Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins and Aoife O'Donovan.  They are 3 of our favourite Americana singers and if you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.  You can listen to a snippet of their performance here. It starts at about 26 minutes. 

- Discussions of copying have been at the fore of the industry (again). Design*Sponge (via Blogtacular), Folksy and the UK's Intellectual Property Office (via Jacqui)have all published posts this week. 

- I loved this post by Emma on marmalade making. I guess I'd never considered it a family affair. We've made 3 batches and now the children have decided they don't like it. More for me, I guess! 

- A bit of a bloggy dream came true this month with the publication of the Spring issue of Artful Blogging. Whenever I go to the states, a copy of this magazine is always on my must-get list and I have often wished to be amongst the featured. 

- Have you seen the new bi-monthly magazine #crochet? Its almost a bookazine in size and number of patterns focussed at a trendy crochet market.  Well, if you love colourwork, I designed the cowl and hat on the cover and am pleased with how they came out.  I also wrote the tutorial for the crochet hexagons. I know I have seen the magazine at Sainsbury's, but not sure where else you can get it.

- This month also sees the full pattern for my Crochet Hexagon Wall Hangings in Mollie Makes and the official kick off of my  new column for Simply Crochet (more on that later!).

Phew! I am off to spend the day knitting until my fingers bleed and listening to the next instalment of Woolful.  

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