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A List for A Wednesday

A List for A Wednesday

So many things to tell you!!

- Have you heard about the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards?  They are celebrating the best in the handmade world and the people in it!  I am so thrilled to be part of the judging panel with Blogtacular in the category dear to my heart, collaboration! You can find out more here

- Have you seen Kate from A Playful Day's Love Your Blog challenge?  I have really enjoyed reading the posts that have popped up in my reader. 

- Speaking of collaboration and craft, have you seen Joanne's new Facebook group all about making your own crochet and knit garments? 

- I have a couple of new patterns out in #crochet.  My favourite is a piece they asked for as a skirt, but I have sewn up and wear as my new favourite cowl, as you know, its Scotland and still cold here. I tell you what, that Debbie Bliss Paloma is squishy-delicious.

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