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A List for A Wednesday

- I am so excited to be able to share the first of my most recent garment designs for Simply Crochet. This cropped cardigan is a lovely make, with lots of fun and feminine details.  Its available in Issue 21, which is out tomorrow. 

- Sleepy Octopus from Crochet at Play makes an appearance in this month's Your Handmade Home along with a number of other sweet designs for your home. 

- I am not going to be ashamed that I have been a life-long Weird Al fan.  His new album (and videos) do not disappoint. If you haven't seen Tacky yet, then stop what you are doing and watch (also, my dancing is dangerously similar to Jack Black's in the video - should I be worried?). 

- Kat and I watched the Creative Live class on Making Infographics in Illustrator, which is WAY more interesting than it sounds. I hadn't heard about the site before, but there are loads of classes that broadcast live for free, then are for sale, including Marketing for Crafters taught by the fabulous Tara Swiger

- One of my favourite accessories designers, Kalurah, has come out with a new(ish) collection of crochet designs.  I particularly love Asterid (above).

- I loved this post from Lottie. 




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