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A List for A Wednesday (only 2 days late!)

This week can largely be summed up by the title.  Still better than last week, but running so far behind, its reached the point where anything that is *only* 2 days late can still be classed as on time. 

I am a new mama, again! This time to Duckles, our possibly full bred Runner, but more likely Khaki Campbell/Runner cross duckling. Kevin now brings her to bed with me for a snuggle rather than coffee. 

I watched this video this week. While I am certain its emotional manipulation at the hands of advertisers (paid for by Sanctuary Spa), I have to admit that it got me thinking about making a conscious effort to spend more time doing the things I love, so I have spent more time...foraging (mushrooms are out in force!), cooking (green tomato salsa agogo), and dancing to Bluegrass covers.

Jane shared this link in the Making it Work As a Designer Facebook Group this week and its a great resource for designers.  The ecourses look really interesting as well, so I will be watching this develop.  I have more posts in my own series coming up, I just need to clear a bit of headspace to get my drafts in polished form.

We have been working with Look & Yes to arrange screenings of Made You Look in London and Stirling.  Stirling event details to follow as soon as possible, but you can find details on the London screening here

Tomorrow is my birthday!! To celebrate, I am offering a free pattern with every purchase in my Ravelry Shop!!  There may even be another pattern re-release later this afternoon, so watch out.  Use the code:


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