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A Little Something That Isn't Pink

Pink.  I know it comes with having a little girl, but no one could have prepared me for the tsunami of pink that would flood into my house following little girl's arrival. 

And while I don't mind the colour, per se, I do not particularly want Georgia dressed in it every day.  Of course to find something in the shops is near impossible, so I did what anyone in my position would do and made something.


The material is a scrap from Tantie, used to wrap a gift for Georgia's birth.  Its lined with white linen and has hand sewn buttonholes (which we are going to call charming and rustic and not botched).

The construction is very similar to a Pebble vest with buttons at the shoulders and down one side.




The little knit trousers are from a very talented friend and are sooo sweet and soft.


I have some other fabrics just dying to become little tunic dresses...even one with cars and buses.  Hey, while I can say what she wears, I am going to take advantage. Now just to find the time...

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