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A Perfect Day


Saturday dawned and as the bright autumnal light shone over piles of washing, filthy floors, dishes stacked haphazardly in the sink and a strange smell wafting through the house, we knew there was only one thing to be done...

...pack up the car and head to St Andrews for the day.

Having been just the week previously to meet Claire and her family was no deterrant. I find it hard not be in desperate love with St Andrews. Any place that has an entire shop devoted to cupcakes and another to cheese is just too good to be true. 


Our wanderings led us down to the harbour. A crab line and some squid were purchased for Kev's first experience of crabbing.  Ellis, as 3 year olds do, was desperately excited at first, but quickly lost interest when the crabs were not climbing the line into our bucket.  He insisted on running off to "his" boat.  As I began to follow him, I said to Kevin, "Do you want me to help with the squid and the line?"  "No, I'm fine," he replied.  "You know how I like to do manly things."

With a snigger, I left to revisit Ellis' boat.  He stood for a good 45 minutes, telling me about his adventures as a fisherman who as late for work. The feeble mind of a mother couldn't understand why it was 'his' boat, but it was explained to me in careful and slow 3 year old logic so I could understand...The boat's name begins with 'E' like Ellis. 


The unequivocal hit of the day was the kite. We've flown kites many times before, but never in the full force of the wind coming off the North Sea.  The higher the kite soared, the more Ellis became giddy with excitement. It was contagious, one of those moments where Kevin and I couldn't feel happier or more complete as a family. Ellis kept running over to me with the kite to give me a hug.   IMG_9259.jpg



As we packed up to head home, we were cold and tired with faces sore from smiling so much. Perfect. 

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