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A (Play) List for a Wednesday

A (Play) List for a Wednesday

Is anyone else obsessed with acoustic covers of songs? I have been collecting them since Spotify started. If I was pushed to pick a favourite, it would probably be the classic Hot in Herrre cover by Jenny Owne Youngs - classic that one. Also the Lily Allen cover of Naive is a perennial favourite.  You can find my current collection here.  And in case you missed it, have you heard Sam Smith's amazing cover of Whitney Houston? Chills.

Did you see Woolly's thoughts on free patterns?  I think its in an interesting discussion - do free patterns make it harder for designers to sell patterns? Possibly, yes. But like Woolly, I have always found that people wanting freebies are usually a different customer base and I think free patterns are great for traffic, learning new skills and exposure.  


I have been reading a lot about Instagram this week. Running a social media business, I am rather crap at the social side of things and am trying to up my game. So anyway, Instagram...I thought this was a really interesting post about how it works and how many likes to expect, etc.  And this post about the "agony" of Instagram made me laugh and struck many chords.

Anyone else going to Woolfest? I will be there on Saturday wandering around. Do say hi!

If you don't follow me on Facebook or if you missed it, Joy's talk from Blogtacular is out.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy! The rest of the virtual conference should be out in the next week or so! 


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