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A Weekend Full

Weekends are funny things when you only work (for money) part time.  The reality is, I have every Wednesday, Thursday morning, Friday, Saturday and Sunday "off" to do with what I will.  But there is just something about a weekend.  The way Saturday arrives lazily...even if you are up at the crack of dawn with a two year old and your husband has to go to eases in, slow and steady. 


Maybe its the years of 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, that make the Saturday and Sunday feeling too hard to shake.  Maybe its the proliferation of friends that pop by for a cuppa on a weekend, making the whole 2 days feel rather celebratory. I don't know what it is, but I like it!

Pajamas stay on just a bit longer.  Breakfast is a bit more extravagant.

There is more time and energy for creating
(And of course, everyone wants to be involved.)

Not to mention all the playing that can happen when a week's work lays behind:

P1060787 P1060793

But then, Monday arrives and work looms around the corner.  I have to say that I leave this weekend full of good things.  Ready to face the week ahead reinvigorated and nourished. 

But then, this is an easy week to enter into... Only 4 more days until the Dada's 3 hour daily commute is a memory. Sigh.  I can hardly wait.

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