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All The Things He Doesn't Know


We stood in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Ellis was chopping cucumber, I was digging out the yogurt from the fridge. 

"What are we making?" he asked.

"Raita. Its a food from India to go with dinner."

"How did you learn to make it?"

"I used to live in India, " I responded.

"I didn't know that! Why didn't you tell me? Did you see any Tigers?" His questions were quick, with a sense of exasperation at my thoughtlessness for not mentioning this fact before.

"It was a long time ago and I didn't think you would be interested.  Plus, I didn't see any tigers."

"No tigers? Well, I don't care then."


Apparently there is rain coming.  A big storm from Wales.  All weekend when Kevin is working.  Sigh. 


I hope yours is infinitely more dry.

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