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An Excuse for More Knitting


Looking forward into the remainder of 2013, I feel a bit sick with everything that needs to be done.  A lot of designing is on the cards (yay), combined with Capturing Childhood, a certain book release, and life with 3 children...there is no doubt that it is going to be crazy.

However, at the moment, there are no making deadlines and other projects are in a bit of a limbo. However, when you have crocheted or knit every day for 18months, not having something to make feels a bit strange.  So I have lined up a bit of making for me.  Makers and designers know that it is a rare luxury to make something solely for ones self, having so many things that aren't in the correct size or need to stay with a publisher. So I thought a little reward knitting was in order.

First up is this textured shawl, based on this one.  It is knit in Malabrigo silky merino, left over from a project in Crochet at Play. And while it is beautiful to look at, it does not suit me at all.  Something about the shape or the colour just doesn't work. So it, like most other things, will be sent off to someone else to love.

And that is ok, because it just means I have an excuse for more knitting.

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