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And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Coming up on this week's Slugs on the Refrigerator...

- Kat finds out on Monday if the civil service survived in her absence.

- Kevin works ungodly hours preparing for the Helen Keller International Awards.  Will Kat and Ellis recognise him come Friday?

-Ellis is separated from Mama for the first time in two weeks. 

-Kat tries out some lovely recipes, courtesy of blogger and real-life friend E.  Will the chocolate and tofu combination hit or miss?

-Kat braves the twists and heel turns of knitting her first pair of socks. Can her mother get her the pattern that was forgotton in America in time? 


- What do Sir Mixalot and Nutella have in common?  Find out on Wednesday's installment of "Simple Pleasures".

- Kat digs deeper into In Defence of Food.  Can Michael Pollan live up to the standard set in The Omnivore's Dilemma ?

Slugs on the Refrigerator is brought to you by...


Team Goldin...Don't leave home without them.

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