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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

We are on the count down towards summer...4 sleeps in fact.  

It couldn't come faster in our house.  We are all so incredibly exhausted. End of term activities, Blogtacular and deadlines collided in these last 2 weeks - the house is a bomb-site, we keep losing children in the un-mown grass and I can't remember the last time we had anything other than cream cheese sandwiches for dinner. 

As yesterday was the start of summer (despite the fact I am currently wearing a woollen hat and socks in the studio) we headed out for our annual pilgrimage to Loch Lomond, eschewing our usual trip to Rowardennen for the closer-to-home banks at Inversnaid. 

Starting at the parking lot of the Inversnaid Hotel, we walked part of the West Highland Way through the woods and along the banks of the Loch.  I use the term "walk" loosely as it really was more of a "drag the children away from the shoreline for a few short minutes" to wander up the hill. 

But then it was down to the beach to throw stones, go swimming and play in the burn that flows into the loch. 

It was like getting a taste of the freedom that awaits us at the end of this week. Open spaces, back packs full of snacks and days with no agenda other than to find a decent cup of coffee. 



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