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Around Here

Around Here

I do not sit still well. However, with a potential 2nd break to my arm and a lovely little piece of bone floating around in my elbow, that is precisely what I am currently supposed to be doing.  Everything is frustratingly slow - I shot a tutorial on Wednesday that should've taken a morning and ended up taking all day.

Fortunately, I am not the only slow thing around here. Normally by mid-march garden prep would be in full swing, but Spring has decided a slow roll out is in order this year.  We have no daffodils in bloom and the crocuses have only just popped their heads out.  This morning, a cold damp fog is hanging over the farm and even the chickens are cowering in the barn keeping warm in their feather coats.

However, not everything is slow.  We have taken on a new chief of pest control in the form of one fluffy Norwegian forest kitten, Luna.  Equal parts fun and trouble, she already has the two collies quivering in their boots. As you can see, she is highly ferocious.

I hope your weekend is just the right blend of slow and fast. I am off to Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday - the first time I will have left the house (other than trips to the hospital) in almost 3 weeks!

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