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Around Here

Around Here

  • Its half term here. And so ensues the crazy mix of children and working. Case in point, I am writing this while Theo sits on my desk, kissing the "About Me" photo in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • We have spent most of every day outside. There is sun, we will worship it.

  • We have taken baths that last into the hours

  • Something has died in the laundry room and I can't find it. We have closed the door and working our way through every available item of clean clothes until Saturday when Kevin, as his Valentine's gift to me, will be moving all of the appliances to find it. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.

  • After weeks of being totally snowed under, I have sent a number of things to a sample maker. Instantly, I felt lighter, better and the need to start a new shawl design for an upcoming collection with The Crochet Project.

  • We are starting to think garden. I may be ordering seeds this weekend. I can hardly wait!

  • I have placed an order for the next batch of meat birds and we are thinking about getting a couple of Turkeys and Geese as well. The optimal number of poultry appears to be n+1, with n being the number you have already.

  • Finally, after the summer's trauma of the children climbing into a wasp nest, they are quite happily playing by the lake again. Thank goodness. Its my favourite.

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