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Around Here

Around Here

The last few weeks have been full of:

- Making elderflower flavoured everything. Cordial and jam mostly. I would have done champagne, but we are out of yeast. The winner on the cordial front has to be rhubarb and elderflower.  I followed this recipe and it has become my go-to drink mixed with soda water. 

- A trip to the sea.  I realised I hadn't been to the sea in months  and,  following my own advice, we packed up and headed to the west coast. We played in the sea, watched the ferries and ate ice cream. Oh and I ate my first was weird.

- The weather here is unsurprisingly changeable.  However, we have been getting out as much as the torrential downpours and midges allow. Its felt cold this year and I can feel it wearing me down in a way it hasn't before. In my experience, one can only use the "sit by the fire and knit" excuse for bad weather 11 months a year...surely July should be a reprieve from that before Autumn rolls in in August.

- we are off this weekend to Yorkshire, so I am off to pack up the car, move chickens, do work and run around collecting children. Just to say that I am still behind on emails, etc, but I am slowly working through pattern support and other enquiries. 


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