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As Promised

Pictures of Fringe:


(I kept looking up at the sky because it was flying ant day and the hoards of them were creeping me out.  Just thinking about it makes me itchy)

Recipe for not-ella (I added a couple of tablespoons of creamed coconut and used peanut oil and OMG astounding.  But it broke my food processor...)

Ultra cute baby pics:


(did I not promise the baby pics?  Oh, dear. Sorry! How will you ever cope? In the bottom one, she's doing her new favourite thing, blowing raspberries.  Honestly, sometimes the cuteness actually hurts me.)

Ok, the sun is shining and its a day of rotating three year olds at my house, so we are off to the park for the day to the detriment of the washing.  I mean, the clothes are already rotten so what does another day matter?

*Photos by Kev. Photoshoppery by me.

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