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At 5 Months


Georgia Likes:

- Food.  If you are eating something, she will maul you for it.  If she can't reach it she will yell and holler incessantly for a bite. I have never seen anything like it.

- Sitting.  Laying down is so last month.  She must be sitting up at all times.

- Smiling.  Particularly from her Mama's arms at anyone who happens to make eye contact.  Its strange to have such an engaging baby.  Ellis was wary of making eye contact at this age and often so consumed with fussiness.

- Her brother.  He is her greatest friend.   


Georgia Dislikes:

- Sleep.  Any wakefulness of more than a moment is an excuse to wake up and chat.  Last night's discussion lasted from 12:30-3:00am.  Yawn.

- Being out of her mother's arms.  She has gone from happily laying down in her bed to sleep, to crying for hours unless Mama is right next to her as she drifts off.  Its just a phase.  Its just a phase.  Its just a phase. 

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