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At A Sprint

Festive Cappuccino

That is what life is at the minute.  I catch myself running everwhere - up the stairs, to the school, to the post office.  Running through the days at a pace that leavess my body aching and my head spinning.

There is just so much to do, to plan, to think about. Normal Christmas busyness combined with a looming deadline for last posting date to the US means I ache for just a few more hours in the day.  The smallest hiccup - a clingy child, a late delivery of supplies, a missing hook - and I am over the edge in a panic, tears welling up in frustration. I love making things, its the deadline...the ever looming deadline that chases me around the day.

But I try to walk when I want to run.  I try to slow down just a little amongst the chaos.  Ellis is beyond excited about Christmas.  There were actual tears of joy at the return of Richard the Elf, the behaviour modification tool the Elf on a Shelf who is spending his days with us and his nights reporting back to Santa about the day's events. Advent calendars are out (we have 4) - 2 chocolate ones, one decorative one and one with a Christmas actvity for every day.  Today we are writing a letter to Santa for Richard the Elf to take up to the North Pole tonight.

But really, mostly it is about making things.  Making hat after hat until my hands ache at the end of the day.  Making dinner.  Making sure we have clean laundry and the house is semi-presentable. Making lists of all the OTHER things I want to make...peppermint creams, knitted, sewn and crocheted gifts. Making messes.

And running towards the finish line.


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