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Back to School

Just like that, summer is over. Woollen socks are out. ISOs are set above 600 outside. I have been wearing scarves for over a week and Theo the Nudist has worn at least one item of clothing every day - a definite sign that we are heading into Autumn. But there is no greater sign than the start of school and Ellis is now in Primary 2. *sob* Rather than skipping away with glee as he was dropped off yesterday morning, I fought back tears and cuddled a very distraught Georgia who cried, "I want my Ellis!" most of the way home.

Before all that drama though, we did manage to get some Zen and take some of the obligatory photos (and no, I didn't follow my own advice about taking photos a couple of days before - oops!).

20130820-IMG_2261 20130820-IMG_2246-Edit

I love you, freckle nose.



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