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With the day stretching in front of us and motorised transport at our disposal, we did what we always do...head to the sea.

And like most days in Scotland, the rain threatened our excursion. But like most people who choose to live in these wet climes, we persevered (with a cake stop to wait out a particularly torrential downpour). We then headed to Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve at the suggestion of a friend. 


There is something about the water, sand, unstructured time and toddlers. Ellis spent ages climbing and jumping and drawing and splashing. Getting as filthy as only small children can, whilst Kevin took pictures and I knit with a little girl snuggled on my chest (hard work, I tell you).


The blight on our lovely day was the rather sad theft of Ellis' kite. It was from his Grammy and we'd been saving it to use on a nice windy day. The beach was perfect and Ellis was so very excited. On the way from the car to the beach, I dropped it. After realising what had happened, Kev went on a mission. Some other beach-goers told him they'd seen it and put it up on a post for us to find on the way back. When Kev went back to get it, the packaging was there, the kite was missing and it appeared to be in the hands of some teenage boys who would not give it back. Rather than start a scene, Kevin walked away.


There is nothing like the heartbreak and helplessness of a parent when their child has been done an injustice that can not be repaired. I had experienced it once before, but this was Kevin's first time going through this particular agonising aspect of parenthood. 


But while we smarted from the injustice, Ellis just played and told us that we'd just have to find another dragon kite someday and that was that.


Small boys have all the good ideas.

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