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Big, Thick, Warm and Quick {Cowl}

A grim determination has gripped me.  Jaw set, needles and hooks in hand, I have decided to knit and crochet my way out of this funk.


And while there are a lot of things going on around here knit and crochet-wise, there isn't much I can show you, bar this.  The easy of easiest, knit in the car and in front of the TV, don't have to think about cowls.

I think the combination of garter stitch and super bulky yarn is really the equivilant of cinnamon sugar toast.  Simple. Comforting. Unrefined. 


A pop of contrast makes this a bit more interesting and its wide enough to make a small wrap.


It seemed a bit silly to write up the pattern, but then sometimes its nice to not to have to think.  Like when one is in a funk.

Download Big Thick Warm and Quick



Big, Thick, Warm and Quick Cowl

a design for knitting by Kat Goldin


Big enough for a chunky cowl or a small wrap.


This pattern can be completed in a super bulky/super chunky yarn.

(Pictured: Wendy Serenity Super Chunky in Teal and Tarmac)



© Kat Goldin 2012: While you have permission to sell finished items from this pattern, I ask that all items sold credit me, Kathryn Goldin, as the designer with a link back to my website . Under all circumstances rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Basic Construction

Big and easy. This garter stitch cowl is a simple rectangle with buttonholes at the contrast end.



Any Super Chunky Yarn in colours suitable for the:

  • The Main Colour (80m/87y)

  • Contrast Edge (24m/26y)

  • 3 large buttons, measuring at least 3cm/1.5 inches

  • Tapestry needle


  • 8mm/ size 11 needles


9 stitches and 17 rows = 4”/10cm square


Stitches and Abbreviations

CO = Cast on

K = Knit

BO = Bind Off



CO 27

Knit Every row for 70 rows or until the piece measures 16.5 inches (43cm).

Join the contrast colour.

Knit for 14 rows (3in/ 7.5cm)

On next row K 4, BO1, K8, BO1, K8, BO1, K4

Knit 2 rows

Bind off.


Line up buttons on opposite side of cowl to button holes and sew on using tapestry needle. (Hint: you can always separate the plied strands of yarn to make a thin enough strand to use to sew on the buttons!!)


Weave in ends.


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