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Blogging is Strange

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The divulging personal details of your life on the internet and establishing relationships with people you don't know part I get.  I know lots of lovebirds that have met online.  It seems only reasonable that in an electronically connected world, we get to know people with similar interests through electronic media.  I mean, who would I ramble endlessly to about yarn and knitting if it weren't for the internet.




And I've had my share of strange internet interactions.  Like the reader who "helpfully" sent me a link to a study that showed short birth intervals are linked to autism in the younger sibling.  Or the steady stream of harassment I've received from one reader via email.  Mostly, as others have found, people have been nice and normal. 

No.  The strange part of blogging comes in when people you know read the blog.  Conversations then go something like this.

Me: I did X, Y, Z this weekend

Friend/Aquaintance: Yeah, I know.

Me: Oh but did you know I also did A, B, C?

Friend/Aquaintance: Yeah, I know.

Me: How do you know?

Friend/Aquaintance: You wrote it on the blog.

Me: I did? (I forget most things I write, sorry)


(goodness, don't I look tired in this picture?)

Up until very recently, I thought people who read the blog were my family (who never comment...yes, I am talking to you CHRISTINE!!!!!), my internet friends from a forum I frequent, my midwife and people who comment.  I then looked into nifty things like who subscribes to email updates and went pale and shakey when I saw many email addresses of people I actually know.


This is on top of random comments from work colleagues and other acquaintances about the blog.  Like when my soon to be former boss commented on my stegosaurus hat...strange I tell you, strange!!  Then there are people who actually have recognised me (ok, 2 people and one is now a friend). Both times it was when my children were being incredibly crazy and I was probably snapping at them...of course. 

But the strangest bit?  When Kevin gave out the name of the blog to someone at nursery as a great way to contact me (Hi, H!).  I decided that was just too weird. It makes me seem like a techy who only has meaningful relationships through electronic media. I know some people love to advertise that they blog, but I prefer anonymity.  

But its fine, all fine. Strange, but fine. I don't have anything to hide...well, not that much!


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