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Blue Sky Knitting

Oh how I love making Milo.  I love its shape. I love its possibilities.  I love how I can just make it, without having to think too hard about what I am going to do with it.



This Milo was knit up mostly in the car over the weekend.  I suffer terribly from motion sickness, so reading or complicated crochet or knit projects are a no-no.  Milo is perfect-- after the set up, its just knitting in the round.



It was originally intended for Theo, but I didn't have enough yarn in the right colours.  So, it was for Georgia...until it was finished...and it fits Ellis.  No, before you ask.  I did not gauge.  




The colourwork clouds did not turn out as fluffy as I would have liked, but that has to do with the difference in weight between the (amazingly gorgeous) Araucania Toconoa and the thinner Cascade 220.  Hey ho.  You win some and you lose some.  Its still pretty cute, in my opinion. And it will fit someone eventually.

Full Ravelry notes here.


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