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I am sure if your life and livelihood depended upon a boat to connect you to the mainland, it would fade to the unremarkable and perhaps even to uninteresting...but as I have no such familiarity with boat life (it would be hard to find another place in the world more land locked than Lisbon, Iowa), I can't help but get excited at the prospect of boarding a CalMac.My small boy shares my excitement and spoke of little else for the week leading up to going away.

Captivated from the moment he saw the Stornoway ferry pull in to Oban as we waited ours to Craignure, boats were THE discussion point in the 2 year old crowd. 


Tobermory Harbour


And now, our feet have found themselves firmly back on the mainland after a wonderful trip.  Breathtaking views, great food (home cooked and otherwise), gale force winds and a wood burning stove all made the trip a relaxing and welcome break from reality.  Ship me there any day.

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