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Bobble Stitch Snowflake

Bobble Stitch Snowflake


1 x 25g ball of DK Yarn)  in white.

4 mm  hook.


1 motif measures 17 cm wide (for a smaller snowflake, use thinner wool and a smaller hook)

Difficulty rating: Intermediate

Special Stitches:

Bobble Stitch (BS)

[yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch, yarn over and pull through 2 loops] 3 times, yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook.

Treble Picot (tr pic)

5 ch, slst into the 1st ch, [5 ch, slst into the same ch as the 1st slst] twice.


Round 1:

Working into a magic loop, 1 ch, 6 dc. Join.

Round 2:

3ch (do not count as a stitch throughout), 1 BS, 2 ch, [1 BS, 2 ch] five times. Join. 6 sts

Round 3:

2 slst to next ch-sp,

(3 ch, 2 BS,  3 ch, 2 BS, 1 ch) into the ch-sp, miss 1 BS,

[2 BS, 3 ch, 2 BS, 1 ch) into the 3 ch-sp, miss 1 BS] five times. Join. 24 sts

Round 4:

1 ch, miss 2 BS, [(2 BS, 1 tr pic, 2 BS) into the 3 ch-sp, miss 2 BS, 1 dc into 1 ch-sp] six times. 30 sts

Finishing Instructions:

Block lightly, for best results, pin each of the picot points to let dry into shape.

For making bunting, 20 ch, [1 dc into the central picot point on one snowflake, 25 ch] repeat for as many snowflakes as you have made.


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