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Bows Two Ways

Hello!! Welcome to our mini Crochet Camp, Christmas edition.  This week I will be featuring loads of beginning- intermediate patterns and ideas to use crochet around the house at Christmas. Given the busy-ness that seems to invade this time of year- these are all quick, satisfying projects to give you that little Christmassy boost. Rather than re posting previous tutorials, I will be linking to them for all of the skills you need. If you need help, head over to the awesome Crochet Camp Facebook Group for lots of support.


Now, if there was one tried and true beginner level crochet pattern that I use in classes it would be bows.  You can use any stitch you would like, make them in rows or rounds, string them like bunting, stick them onto a brooch or an alice band, use a fancy stitch or a plain stitch, totally up to you.

This week, we are going to use bows for 2 items - first up a basic bow in a DK or Aran Weight yarn for some bunting and then later in the week for a bow for our wreath. In both of the patterns, you will see that they use the first style of bow, but there is no reason you can't use the other style instead.

Materials needed:

Yarn + Hook sized for yarn (use what you've got! They work equally well with fine yarns as well as chunky)

Skills Used:

Slip Knot, Holding the Hook, Chain Stitches

UK Double Crochet (aka US Single Crochet)


Bow in the Round:

(Click on any of the photos to make them larger):

Christmas Wreath-045




Step 1: Start with a slip knot on your hook and a  6" tail (mine is too short in this picture)







Christmas Wreath-046



Step 2: Chain a length of double what you want the size of your bow. For bunting, I find this is about 6" (with the bow being about 3" wide when finished - you can make it longer or shorter.






Christmas Wreath-048





Step 3: Being careful not to twist your chain, insert your hook into the 1st chain you made (nearest the knot) and close the loop with a slip stitch.





Christmas Wreath-051Step 4: Chain 1 and double crochet into each stitch around.










Christmas Wreath-054



Step 5: After you have worked all of the chain stitches and reach the end of the round, continue double crocheting into the stitches, working in spiral. Work until your bow is the width you want (about 2/3rds of the height is my preference), ending when your working yarn is in line with the original tail hanging of the start of your work.






Christmas Wreath-057




Step 6: Break your yarn and pull through, leaving an 18" tail. Line up your tails of yarn in the centre of your bow.  Use your tail to wind around  the centre, pressing the top and bottom of the bow towards each other to puff out your bow.





Christmas Wreath-058





Step 7: Tie off your ends.  Using your crochet hook, pull the cut ends behind your wraps to hide them.







Bows in Rows





Step 1: Chain a length the width you want your bow (plus one extra chain)











Step 2:  Starting in the second chain from your hook, double crochet across. Turn.












Step 3: 1 chain, double crochet across.  Repeat step 3 until your piece is roughly square.

losing  or gaining stitches? Your bow looking more triangular than square? Check out the tips in this post.







Step 4: Turn your work to work down the ends of the rows, work 2 double crochet into the corner stitch. Double crochet into the end of each row.  When you get to the corner, make 2 double crochet into the same stitch.









Step 5: Turn your work across the bottom, double crocheting into the unused side of the chain. Make 2 double crochet into the corner stitch.











Step 6: Turn your work and work up the ends of the rows. Make 2 double crochet into the corner stitch.











Step 7: Work across the top row of stitches one more time. Slip stitch into the first corner stitch. Break yarn and weave in ends.











Step 8: Cut a 24" length of yarn, wind it around the centre of your bow, drawing it in as you do.  Tie off and weave in ends.







To make bunting:






Make an odd number of bows (I always think odd numbers look better). Using a needle and yarn or baker's twine, sew along the back of the wraps. You may need 2 strands to keep the bows from falling forward when hung.




Other bow ideas:

  • Stick them on a gift as wrapping
  • Put one on a brooch pin, an alice band or a hair clip
  • Bow tie, anyone?
  • Use a bobble stitch, stripes or an alternate colour for the wrap.

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