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Breaks of Sunshine

Thank you all so so so much for the lovely comments from the last post.  I can barely read them without crying, so please excuse my lack of response.  I am tired and overwhelmed and a crier.  Apparently, I get this from both sister and my mother both well up with the slightest provocation.  I am going to sit and digest them all, when they don't leave me sobbing.


It is not all bad here.  In fact, there is far more good things than not 

(of course, you knew that). Like the recent weather, when its been bad, its been thunderous, but the sun's appearances make it all glow (I think that I have lived in Britain too long and I talk about the weather far too much). 

But we have had sun.  Its even been warm, ie 55F.  And we've been enjoying it in small, simple ways: wandering to the park, playing at the Abbey, sitting in the garden.  I have never appreciated the sunshine more.


The rain has returned today, but as with everything these days, wait a minute and its bound to change.

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