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But Does It Have Horns?


I can't quite tell you what possessed us to take Ellis to Knit Camp on Saturday.  Drawn in by the luscious stalls of yarn and the promise of Kevin finally being able to pick out his own yarn for a hat (more on that soon), we decided that a family outing should be embarked upon. 

Well, needless to say, it was as close to an unmitigated disaster as one gets whilst fondling wool.  ellis only wanted to ride in the lift.  Georgia did not want to be held by her Dad and I considered running away from them all.

The only glimmer of redemption was the Woolly Wormhead stall.  I have long admired her hats from afar, but somehow thought they would be too difficult for me.  As Ellis has a rather ungracious meltdown opposite, an idea struck.  "Ellis, do you want to pick out a hat for Mummy to make you?"

We toddled over and Woolly gave us a blue cabled hat, Tinker, to try on. It was her son's.

"It has horns" he said, delighted looking in the mirror.  We then toddled over to another stall to actually buy the book the pattern was in and Ellis said he wanted "green" yarn, as he picked up a lovely bright blue Cascade 220.  

Over the next few days, as I sat knitting, Ellis repeatedly asked "But does t have horns?" I kept reassuring him that it did, but as its worked from the bottom up, he coulen't quite see it.  Fortunately for us both, the hat knit up quickly so the questions were limited to 3 days.  

He loves it.  Will he wear it?  As I can hardly get the child in trousers, I am thinking not. I didn't measure his noggin, so its on the small side anyway.  However, it saved the day on the day and sometimes that's all that matters. 

**in the interest of full disclosure, please note the model was bribed with rice cakes to get this picture taken**

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