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Captive Audience

Zoos make me anxious.  Perhaps I have been in theenvironmental sector too long and entering one instantly triggers epic internal monologues about conservation policy, the viability of captive breeding, genetic sustainability, biological potential and Saartjie Baartman 
Its amazing how the baggage of adulthood can be shed with the simple laugh of a small child**.  My doubts quieted as I saw the complete and total joy that spread from head to toe of my small boy as we entered Edinburgh Zoo.  Running from exhibit to exhibit, dragging us along to see what came next.

The sea lion was the major hit.  He stared and laughed in delight for ages at their flippered antics. Of course, we could not convince him it was a sea lion and not a seal like the many he's seen on our trips to the coast (and once on the River Forth near our house). But, being right has little meaning in the face of such love and adoration.

 Sea Lion
The swimming penguins also were met with squeals of delight.  Apparently, the buckles on small man's jacket strongly resemble something edible to the diving birds and a fair few came up to investigate.

Of course, the other major hit of the day was running and climbing.  Why walk when you can run, especially down hills and in crowded areas?  And why go around an object when you can climb it?  The zoo has an amazing range of play  parks dotted around its full length and breadth...and Ellis had a play on each one.

Climbing Running Monkeying Around



Oh and because the sun was shining, ice cream had to be consumed.  Its a law of physics, you know.

And so with my baggage put aside at the entrance gate, I too was able to be captivated for a few moments. 

** Green Twins Mummy recently wrote a beautiful post about the joys of seeing things anew through children's eyes here


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