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Christmas Crochet Inspiration

Today, I am off to London for a meeting, so while I am away, here are 8 awesome festive projects to keep you busy. Christmas-Crochet-Inspiration

1. I love these little lights from Jean Herman and they look especially festive on one of my favourite crochet blogs, Annemarie's Haakblog

2. At my crochet class this weekend at The Stitchery, one of my students was raving about this snowflake pattern from Attic 24. They are very sweet and all of Lucy's patterns have clear step by step tutorials.

3. How stinking cute is this mug of cocoa by Frayed Knot?

4. I quite like these very bold snowflakes by Red Heart. The pattern is very easy and make a nice graphic alternative to the dainty flakes out there.

5. I may never have mentioned how much I love Greedy for Colour. Her style, her voice that comes through on her blog, her sweet designs, just all lovely. Her baubles are perfect, and come with a fab step by step photo tutorial.

6. No words can express how much I love these ice skates. They are retro kitch at their finest.

7. Oh look, another pattern from Kate. I did say I was in love with her work. These little hot air balloons are too gorgeous for words.

8. So simple, so perfectly executed - these xmas balls by Ing Things are exactly what you need in last minute Christmas crafting (not Christmas related, but I LOVE these bags by Ing Things. I need to design a bag for Book 2 and ever since I saw these, I can not get them out of my head! SUPER annoying, but only because I love them so). [images all linked to the original content]

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