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Christmas Handmades: Part 1

I finished all of my hat orders at 5:30am on the Monday morning before Christmas. At about 5:36am, I started working on Christmas gifts... I had a LOOONG list of things I wanted to do, but time and exhaustion meant that I had to pare my list back to the basics IMG_8572.jpg IMG_9042.jpg IMG_9052.jpg aprons IMG_9053.jpg cozies


- Sweet Robin Wristees by Tiny Owl Knits

- Herringbone Neck Warmer and Trilsea'n Handwarmers

- Dolly Sleeping Bag for Georgia

- Aprons for Georgia and my mother in law.  Sort of using this pattern, but with elastic and button closures

- Painted mugs, inspired by Jen

- Slippers for E, pattern from here


Not bad for 6 days of work. And of course, I didn't have time to take proper photos of them all before they flew out of the doors, so forgive my rather unfocussed photography.  Hey, something has to give.

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