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Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort


My particular version of creative block is the certainty that I am crap at everything.

This particular run started at the last photoshoot for the book.  I would take photograph after photograph and HATE them. I couldn't stand to look at them afterwards and wanted to run, quit, name it.

Then, it started creeping into other areas - designs I previously loved were not good enough. Photographs I was once proud of became ugly. I can hardly open up my etsy shop without cringing...and I sink a little... Its my form of creative block - the voice in my head that tells me that I suck and everyone else is better.

No matter how many times it happens, and how much I know that it will pass and that its not true, it really pisses me off. I simply do not have time for silly doubts or blockages.  I run business, I need to work to literally put food on our table.

And with that thought, I can not wallow or sulk. I can not stop producing or photographing or designing. It is simply not an option.

I can only do one thing: Fake it until I become it.

So I put as much work aside as I can and just pick up yarn and hook or needles and make. Not for work, no gauging, no deadline, just to keep my hands busy and feel like I am achieving something, even if it is small.

Plus there is the great truth that it is essentially impossible to mope with hot cocoa and marshmallows around.

Pattern is available here:

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