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I am currently in love with this yellow and teal colour combination. I get into these phases where I crave colours, like my eyes ache without them. Yellow has been in this category for awhile, but other than the play table I have not been allowed to paint anything else *hands on hips and looks grumpily at Kevin*.  

The teal is a new addition, stemming soley from this cascade eco+ yarn in pacifica (bought from here). It is just lovely to work with and has grey and brown tones that give it a shimmery effect. The tape is part of my current washi tape obsession collecsion.  I have started a whole washi tape/highlighter organisational system.  I am on day 6 and still organised, so that is something, hey?  Its obviously the washi tape ;)



thank you all for your support of Capturing Childhood! I am over there today blogging about why I started taking pictures.

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