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Corpse Pose


I am burnt out. Fried to a crisp with nothing left to give.

It happens: the soaring highs and bone crushing lows. I have been here before and know that it is something that will pass.  That meal after meal of "X" on toast will give way to the meals that I normally love to eat and cook.  We will find the floor of the house again.  I will be able to work and parent without feeling like I am dragging myself through mud.

I have learned that that only way to get through burnout/block, is to be still.  I used to rally against it. Fight to push myself to DO, when I barely managed to just BE.

Of course it always comes at the worst time.  I have been pushing myself creatively and loving it.  Learning so much, with so much to do and achieve. This time, burn out feels more like slamming into a brick wall than just petering out.

Perhaps its a sign of maturity that I no longer struggle against it.  I know it will pass.  And so I wait. I do the small things that still excite me. Get out, take pictures, read.  I tick only the most basic things off of the to-do list and look forward to when productivity returns. Danielle LaPorte likens it to Savasana in yoga, the corpse pose, spending a moment integrating and being still...

...and waiting for the upswing.

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