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Crochet at Play: The Video

Today marks 1 month until the release of the book in the UK.  And to celebrate, I have something VERY special for you.

Crochet at Play by Kat Goldin Book Trailer from Kat Goldin on Vimeo.

(may not show up in a reader, so click on through to the blog to view. on a mobile that doesn't support flash?  Try the YouTube link.) Made by the extraordinary Kat Molesworth, I have to admit to weeping when I first saw the film.  That someone made me something so magical makes my heart swell and that she is my friend and business partner - well, it pushed me straight over the edge. It perfectly encapsulates my first book - fun, whimsical, wearable designs that are as enjoyable to make as they are to wear. You get to see a few of the items from the book - a Star T-shirt yarn rug, the Leafy Capelet, Rainbow Bright dress and the Silver Birch tunic, the Sleepy Octopus, the Mermaid Tail sleeping bag, the Fox Stole, the Hedgehog Mittens and the 2 Wolf Jackets...this is still just a sampling as there are 30 patterns in total in the book and poor Kat had to lug them all down south with her after New Year!! It is so nice to be able to show you all the work of the last year.  I am getting properly excited now!!


*Gush* can I just say, how awesome is Kat? I mean, I know I am INCREDIBLY biased, but making this video was hours and hours of work and many many late nights. Her whole family helped participate - from making the fish to being her "plus one" on the shoot. So a HUGE thank you!!  And you know she is for hire, right?.


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