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Crochet Camp FAQ

Crochet Camp FAQ

Morning, all!!  I am getting soo excited for Crochet Camp.  If you haven't already joined the Facebook group - you should!  We are already talking lefties, projects, crochet conundrums, and American vs UK terms .

I've been getting a lot of questions through about Crochet Camp, so I thought I would clear some things up.

Can I join if i live outside of the UK?

YES!!!  We are a virtual camp, so all you need is access to the internet.

Where do I enroll?

There aren't limited places.  It will just be daily posts on Slugs for a month.  If you aren't a Facebooker, subscribe to my feed, just remember to stop by, follow (and use) the #crochetcamp on Instagram and Twitter. It is really that simple. If you need the materials, kits are on sale here.

Will it be free?

Yes. Other than the materials, it will be totally free - the patterns, the tutorials. I have actively sought sponsors so that, other than the materials, Crochet camp will no cost to you. Deramores and Artesano have really generously supported the Camp, so if you showed them some love by visiting their sites, tweeting them a thanks, or, you know, buying their products that would be super lovely and I would really appreciate it (you can actually buy Artesano wool at Deramores - so that my friends, is win win!).

When will the material list be live?

Probably Monday. I need to just pull it all together and its looking like that won't happen until this weekend, what with the school holidays and the hair brained idea that I should run not one, not two, but 3 new courses simultaneously.

When will I receive my kit?

I expect the wool to be with me on Friday at the latest.  I will have international orders out first and then UK orders will be collected by courier on Monday.   The full kit will still be on sale into the first week of Crochet Camp.

Will it only be for beginners?

No, but we will be covering the basics of crochet, so if you already know the basics you can help cheer on the rest of the campers!

Will you be looking at tips and tricks for crochet design?

No. Though there may be some tips thrown in, I will not be covering that.  However, take a look at my friend Joanne's series on Things I Didn't Know Then - VERY helpful to those starting out in design.

Any other questions? Pop them in the comments below!

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