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Dear Blog


Dear Blog,

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting you this week. My pesky children keep getting in the way of getting anything done, but (after much consideration) we've decided to keep them because I don't know that I would have much to blog about (and they are cute).

But we have been busy busy bees around here:

- We went to the new Riverside Museum in Glasgow and were sorely disappointed

- We went to Ikea twice. Ellis now refers to it as "Meatballs" in the same way he refers to Wagamamas as "Chopsticks"

- I am almost through spinning my first proper 100gms of wool, but my wrist is killing me, so I am not sure when I will actually get it done.

- I made this chocolate cake with this frosting. The cake was delicious, but everytime I attempt the frosting it turns into a sloppy mess. It doesn't matter if I beat it or barely touch it, it comes out all separated and gross (but tastey). The first person who can solve my problem wins the blog-reader of the week award and can take away a child of their choice (just kidding, today at least).

- We are flying to the States next week and we only have 8 of the 9 passports we need to leave and return. 9 passports for 5 people is a lot.

- I have done nothing to get ready for the states, except try to make photobooks as gifts with a Groupon voucher I bought, but the company is AWFUl and I have complained

- It only adds to the list of things I have complained about this week. I also received a new shampoo, conditioner and shower gel from Lush after I finally complained about some shampoo I bought ages ago that was horrible (Grammy 'Merica can vouch for the horrendousness of said shampoo). I also got a replacement Kindle, as mine went wonky.

- Speaking of Kindles, I am quickly driving my family into bankruptcy via the Southern Vampire Mysterieas (aka True Blood). I am on book 9. I never would have pegged myself as a vampire romance reader, but I'm addicted. I will probably have read the rest of them by the beginning of next week. Send help (or Kindle vouchers).

- I had the brilliant idea of taking my children for a walk around the local dam (aka lake). It was a lovely that is. My children took turns screaming bloody murder. Georgia wanted to ride Ellis' scooter. Ellis wanted to watch a movie. Theo just wanted a boob in his mouth, thankyouverymuch. It takes 2 hours to walk 3 miles with 3 felt much longer. Particularly with every single person we saw telling me "You've got your hands full", while I smiled menacingly through my gritted teeth.


Slide show sped up to save your eyes from bleeding with the tedium of a 16 month old walking anywhere.

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