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Design Things

Design Things

Our main internet is down and as a result, I am holed up in front of the fire with a pile of yarn and a mug of chai. Its a hard life, I know, but being inundated with deadlines this month, most every free moment I have is spent making. 

Despite the dismal weather, in my world at least spring and summer are on their way. How can i tell? After having cardigans, wool and alpaca on my needles and hook, I now have accessories, cotton and silk. And while, of course, I have to keep the in progress works strictly under wraps, a few of the things I was working on over the summer and autumn are appearing in print.

The issue of Simply Crochet with the last cardigan I did for them is out tomorrow.  The cardigan is constructed with a standard  round yoke in granite stitch.  It really is a simple design, but the writing of it was less so. I *think* I explained it in a way that makes sense, but if not, you know where to find me.

The cardigan had floral embroidery, which at the photoshoot they found didn't work well on camera, so they designed the sweet swallows that you see now. 

Its one of those things that happen from time to time - no matter how much you love a design, it can be really hard to predict how they work on camera or with a client.  It happened with the Lace Yoke Cardigan in Hook, Stitch & Give as well.  It is so sweet in real life, but I have never thought it worked as well in the photos (despite shooting it a million times in a trillion different ways) and if there had been time, I would have remade it, though isn't baby Iris cute?

That's life though, we don't get infinite retries and sometimes you have to accept that you can't always hit home runs, that not everything works in every context and that the home runs are most likely to return.

Also out on Friday is the Mollie Makes issue where I designed the cover project [insert excited jumping here]--simple crochet jar covers, which I have to say I love, despite being perhaps the easiest project I have ever designed.

A photo posted by Mollie Makes (@molliemakes) on

The Mollie Makes jars also included a 3rd geometric jar (which may still be in the magazine, I am not sure), but didn't make the cover. 

That's our power flickering now, so I best be off to put the kettle on before I am left gasping for the rest of the day.  I have plenty of wood in the house, so at least my knitting won't be interrupted even if most everything else is. 



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