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Disappearing Reappearing Me

A few weeks ago, Kevin told me about showing off baby pictures to his work colleagues.  Apparently, they had commented that I wasn't in any of her photos and that I would really regret it if I didn't have at least a few of the two of us together.

Of course, they were right.  So I insisted that Kevin take some pictures of Georgia and I for her 7 week photoshoot.

edited didy


rsb portrait

After the shoot, I stumbled across this post via Sticky Fingers and it made me realise something.  My discontent with how I may look on any given day, my discomfort at looking at pictures of myself, my dislike of putting photos of myself on the blog, ultimately means that my children miss out on the visual evidence of our time together and how much I love them. 


Now, I am probably not going to make a habit of this, but I am going to at least make an effort.

Plus, my children may not recognise me without the DSLR between us.


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